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Student Responsibilities

‚ÄčAs a CVTC you are responsible for complying with the items in the list of Student Responsibilities below:

  • You should read and consider all information about CVTC before you enroll.

  • You should complete all CVTC application forms thoroughly and accurately and submit them to the appropriate office(s) by required deadlines.
  • You should read, understand, and accept responsibility for any form or agreement you signs.
  • You should keep your address and phone number current with the College.
  • You should accurately and honestly complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). False or misleading information is a criminal offense.
  • You should use any financial aid you receive solely for expenses related to attendance at CVTC.
  • You should comply with the Quality Assurance Program requirements (if you are selected), provide verification or additional information as requested by the College, and submit corrections or new information, as appropriate.
  • You should notify the financial aid office if you attend two schools at the same time. You can only receive federal or state aid at one school at a time.
  • If you accept a work study award, you should perform the work agreed upon.
  • You should know and to comply with the CVTC's policies and procedures as they relate to financial aid and general school policies.¬†