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Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

CVTC delivers innovative and applied education that supports the workforce needs of the region, improves the lives of students, and adds value to our communities.

Vision Statement

CVTC is a dynamic partner for students, employers, and communities to learn, train, and succeed.


    • Commitment - We value all students and their diverse backgrounds.  We are committed to their learning and success in a global society.

    • Collaboration - We value partnerships with business, government, educational systems, and our communities.

    • Trust - We act with honesty, integrity, and fairness.

    • Respect - We value a safe and cooperative work environment where individuals care for each other and grow through open communication.

    • Excellence - We value working together to develop and continuously improve processes that support the creative pursuit of new ideas.

    • Accountability - We value the resources entrusted to us and will use them responsibly.

Core Abilities

In keeping with our institutional mission and vision, CVTC promotes the development of nine key core abilities. These core abilities address the broad-based skills that will prepare a student to become a productive member of the work force, a civic-minded citizen of the community, and a life-long learner ready to grow with her/his chosen profession. The core abilities should enable the student to:

    • Communicate effectively

    • Think critically

    • Behave ethically

    • Cultivate global and cultural awareness

    • Use mathematics

    • Use science and technology

    • Develop self-awareness

    • Demonstrate social interaction

    • Value environmental stewardship


These core abilities are woven throughout the student's avenue of study not becoming the sole responsibility of any one course but rather integrated into all curriculum as appropriate, thus building a strong base for academic and personal success.