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registering for classes
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Registering for Classes

​One important ingredient for success at CVTC is finding and registering for the classes you need. The pages in this section will give you an overview of the registration process. If you have further questions or want to talk through your registration needs, contact your academic advisor.

How Do I Register?

​Registering for classes takes place in the Student Information System (SIS) with My CVTC. View more details.

What Courses Should I Take

​CVTC provides several resources to help you understand both the kind of classes you should take and the order in which you should take them. Learn More.

How to Do a Degree Evaluation

​A degree evaluation is a valuable tool that can help you see how close you are to graduating or what courses you would need to take if you switched programs. Learn More.

PreProgram Students

​Many students are given the classification of pre-program status. Learn about what it means and things to be aware of a preprogram student. Learn More.

When Do I Register?

​Your registration date and time is dependent on your program and your student status.
View more details.

Add, Drop, or Withdraw

​Once you've registered, your schedule is not set in stone. However, there are important considerations to think about before you make a change. Learn More.

Understanding Registration Restrictions

​As you plan your schedule and begin to register, you'll need to make sure you have met all of the qualifications for a course and have no holds on your account. Learn More.

Defining Your Student Status

​Understanding your student status at CVTC is important because it can determine when you register for courses and what type of courses you can take. Learn More.