Program Description

Enroll in CVTC’s Renal Dialysis Technician program and earn your technical diploma in one year. In this career you will have the ability to utilize your technical and people skills, and establish ongoing relationships with patients. You will assist people with renal failure and chronic kidney disease.

As a renal dialysis technician, you will:

  • Provide hemodialysis, a cleaning process that removes unwanted waste and fluid from the blood of people with end stage kidney disease
  • Operate and troubleshoot machines used for hemodialysis
  • Provide care for people on hemodialysis
  • Collaborate with registered nurses for patient care

In CVTC’s program, you will gain the following skills:

  • Patient care
  • Operation and troubleshooting of dialysis machines
  • Performing venipuncture
  • Collaboration with registered nurses for patient care
  • Maintaining a safe, clean environment

The program will include a clinical practicum, allowing you to put your skills to use in a dialysis facility.

As a dialysis technician you'll develop strong relationships with patients, while utilizing critical thinking skills. This career is challenging, interesting, and provides for a fast paced work environment.

Just the Facts:

Renal Dialysis Technician
27 Credit Technical Diploma

Length of Program:
One Year

Delivery Method:
Face to Face

Program Location:
Eau Claire

Start Dates:

Financial Aid Eligible: Yes

Program Outcomes

Non-Traditional Occupation

Accreditation Information

Estimated Program Cost

Total Tuition, Fees & Books: $4,934

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How To Enroll

Enrolling at CVTC is easy! You will need to complete an online application and entrance requirements. If you are ready to apply now, click here.

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Get a Job

75% of our Renal Dialysis Technician graduates get a job in the industry.

Less Than
1 Year

Earn a Diploma Fast

Earn a Renal Dialysis Technician technical diploma in just one year.


Degrees in Demand

The U.S. Department of Labor projects 80% of the jobs created in the next decade will require education beyond high school.

Career Outlook

According to the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development and Bureau of Workforce Information, a 5% growth is projected in renal dialysis positions in CVTC’s 11-county area by 2016.



These are a few of the courses you will take in the Renal Dialysis Technician program. For more detailed course info click here.

  • Clinical Practicum 1
    This course provides the student with an opportunity to apply the principles and procedures of the hemodialysis delivery system with chronic renal failure patients, in an affiliating dialysis unit.
  • Renal Failure & Support Therapies
    This course explores the pathological changes and/or conditions of the renal system and the effects of these changes on the dialysis patient.
  • Principles of Renal Dialysis 2
    This course provides the student with in-depth applications of the principles and procedures of hemodialysis.

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