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Academic Policies

​CVTC is committed to your academic success.  We require that all students make satisfactory academic progress in order to remain in good academic standing.  All credits are based on semester hours and grade point averages (GPA) are calculated based on a 4.0 grading scale.

Academic Standards

Our Academic Standards are based upon GPA and course completion to encourage you to progress, in a successful and timely manner, toward completion of your program of study.

Grading System

​CVTC maintains five grading periods during the year. Final grades are recorded on the student’s transcript and used in the calculation of the grade point averages (GPA).

No Show

Students who do not attend classes or begin courses during the first week of the semester are reported by their instructor as a “no show.” This impacts registration in a course as well a financial aid status.

Maximum Time Frame Requirement

​Financial Aid recipients must successfully complete the program by the time 150% of the published credits for the program have been attempted.

Course Repeats

​CVTC's repeat policy allows you to take a course and repeat it a maximum of one time. Any additional repeats must be approved by the academic dean responsible for the course.

Graduation Requirements

Students must fulfill all course and program requirements and achieve a minimum 2.0 program grade point average (GPA) in order to receive an associate degree, technical diploma, or CVTC certificate.

​Please refer to the Student Handbook for additional policy information.