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Course Repeats

​You may repeat a course once in order to earn a higher grade regardless of the grade initially earned. Course withdrawals and course audits are considered attempts of the course.

  • If you wish to take a course a third time, you must get approval from the academic dean responsible for the course.

  • Repeated courses may only be included in financial aid credits once after a course is passed.

In changing from one major to another, you may be required to repeat all classes in which you received a grade of less than a "C".

If you repeat a course and receive a higher grade, the new grade is used to calculate the cumulative grade point average (GPA). All classes will remain on your academic record (official transcripts), but the final cumulative GPA reflects only the higher of the grades. The credits for the course will only count once in cumulative credits.

Courses repeated at other institutions are treated as transfer credit and do not affect the GPA. The transferred credit(s) may satisfy program requirements but will not result in the previous grade being excluded from calculations of the CVTC cumulative GPA. 


Current students may fill out a course repeat request in My CVTC.