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Grading System

​At Chippewa Valley Technical College (CVTC) we use a standard 4.0 scale for grading and calculating quality points. CVTC maintains five grading periods during the year. Faculty members submit final grades which are then recorded on your official transcript and used in the calculation of your grade point average (GPA).

How to calculate your Grade Point Average (GPA)

Calculating your GPA is important and assists you in measuring your progress. Grade point averages are calculated by dividing total quality points earned by total credits attempted, according to the following values:


Grade​ ​Quality Point Multiplier

Quality Point Multiplier earned X number of course credits = quality points earned for that course

Example: You receive an A in a 3 credit course receiving 12 quality points (4.00 X 3 = 12). The sum of all quality points is the total quality points earned.

Grade Point Average Calculation:

total quality points earned

GPA =             --------------------                       

total credits attempted

How to access your grades

You may access midterm and final grades in the Student Information System (SIS) through your My CVTC account. Midterm grades are informational only and do not figure into your grade point average nor appear on your academic transcript. Final semester grades will appear on your official transcript and be used in calculating your grade point average. If you have a financial obligation to the College you cannot view grades on SIS. 

​ ​Special Circumstance Grades
​CEU ​Continuing Education Unit
​I ​Incomplete
​P* ​Passing with Credit
​NC* ​No Credit
​W ​Withdrawn
​AU ​Audit - before course begins
​AX ​Audit - change from credit to audit after course begins
​SC ​Project SERVE credit
​MG ​Missing Grade
TN Transcripted Credit Attempted – No Credit
​PE ​Proficiency Exam
TR Transfer Credit
​VE ​Verified Work Experience
*Restricted to Certain Courses and Programs​ ​

CEU - Continuing Education Unit. The CEU grade is assigned in non-credit courses if you meet academic and attendance requirements.

NC - No Credit Grade. The No Credit (NC) grade is assigned in a non-credit course if you do not meet academic or attendance requirements.

I - Incomplete Grades. The Incomplete (I) grade may be assigned if you are otherwise meeting course expectations but cannot complete required assignments by the end of the course due to extenuating circumstances.

  • The I grade allows you six weeks of additional time into the next term, excluding summer, to complete the coursework. The decision to issue a grade of incomplete rests with the instructor and may apply to any delivery format.
  • You do not pay for the additional six weeks allowed for course completion. When you complete the coursework, the instructor submits the earned grade to the Information and Service Center (Room BEC 113). If you do not complete the coursework, the Registrar's Office automatically changes all I grades to F and notifies you.
  • The I grade is not calculated into your grade point average (GPA). When a final grade is submitted, your GPA reflects that grade.

AU - Audit. Audit (AU) means you registered as an audit student prior to class beginning. The student must attend class but does not receive a grade for the course. The tuition for auditing a course is the same as taking it for credit. You receive an "AU" grade on the transcript. Audited classes do not count as credits for determining financial aid status, nor do they count toward graduation.

AX - Audit. The Audit (AX) status is given when you register for a course with the intent to receive a grade, begin attending the course, and then change the status to an audit. You receive an "AX" on the transcript and the audited classes will be counted as attempted credits for academic purposes. All other procedures related to the "AU" audit grade (above) apply to the "AX" grade.

  • If you wish to AX audit a course, you must register before 75 percent of total course hours have been completed (For example, week 12 of a 16-week term). To audit a course, you inform the Information and Service Center or regional campus staff who then notify your instructors of the audit status.

MG - Missing Grade. The Missing Grade (MG) is used when no final grade has been submitted for a course. The MG does not affect the cumulative grade point average.

PE – Proficiency Exam. Credit is obtained through prior learning and assessed by a comprehensive exam measuring all course competencies. Credits obtained are not included in a student’s GPA.

TR – Transfer Credit. Credits that are transferred in from other institutions or standardized exams such as AP or CLEP.

VE – Verified Work Experience. Credit earned from prior work experience, challenge exams, or military experience.