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Transfer Your Credits Out of CVTC

If you plan to transfer to another college or university it is important to contact their transfer office when you seek admission and verify your credits will transfer to your chosen field. You should maintain contact, given that program requirements are subject to change.

CVTC Transfer Partnerships

​CVTC has partnerships with many colleges and universities that ensure your credits will transfer: 

Other Transfer Options

Just because we don't have a partnership agreement with a college or university, doesn't mean your credits won't transfer. You should contact the transfer coordinator at the college or university to which you plan to transfer to help make a smooth transition from CVTC.

Check out the University of Wisconsin Transfer Information System (TIS) to view credits that will transfer to public, post-secondary institution - private colleges and out-of-state institutions are not included.

Course Selection

If you know you are going to transfer credits when you are finished at CVTC you should consider selecting general education courses in the 200 level range as they will transfer more readily to other colleges/universities.

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