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Helpful Tip​

Waiting lists change quickly the closer it gets to the beginning of a term. You may be contacted to start a program on very short notice. It is important to consider your housing, employment, and payment options early.

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Program Availability & Waiting Lists

CVTC has many popular programs that become filled to capacity very quickly. The reports below show which programs have openings:

PLEASE NOTE: These reports may take up to 2 minutes to return data.

Waiting Lists

If a program fills to capacity, students might be placed on a waiting list based on their eligibility date. Eligibility date is the date and time when an applicant completes all admission requirements for a program's core (major) courses and submits any required documentation to the Admissions Office.

While on the waiting list, applicants may choose to become a “pre-program” student and take general education or elective classes at CVTC. Pre-program students may not take the program’s core courses. Before indicating interest in becoming a pre-program student, consider the following: 

  • Pre-program status will not shorten the length of time required to complete the program, 
  • Pre-program status may affect financial aid awards if additional credits are taken above and beyond what is needed to graduate from the program. 
  • The applicant’s program may not require enough general education courses to make pre-program status beneficial or to maintain full-time status. 
  • The length of time that an applicant can expect to enter the core program classes.

For programs offered at more than one campus, applicants must choose one location; they cannot be on the waiting list for the same program at two campuses.

When an applicant has applied for two program choices, both are honored if there is a waiting list for the first choice or for both choices. From that point, if an opening occurs in the first choice, the second choice is automatically eliminated. If an opening occurs in the second choice, the applicant is kept on the waiting list for the first choice.

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