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Alumni Quotes

"CVTC’s Police Science Program instructors were highly experienced in the field. They provided a supportive and caring atmosphere of learning for students that continued after graduation."
Name: Roger Leque
Details: Roger Leque, 1977 Police Science associate degree graduate, 2002 Distinguished Alumnus, CVTC Alumni Association Board Vice President, River Falls Police Chief
"Obtaining my associate degree at CVTC really jumpstarted my career."
Name: Cheryl Keegan
Details: Cheryl Keegan, 1983 Accounting graduate, 1999 Distinguished Alumnus, Alumni Association Board member (past president), UnitedHealth Group Manager of Business Projects and Support
"CVTC gave me a practical base of accounting knowledge to enter the workforce and allow me to broaden my knowledge with real-life experience."
Name: Jon Hehli
Details: Jon Hehli, 1972 Accounting graduate, 2010 Distinguished Alumnus, and RCU Chief Financial Officer
"Because CVTC provides education that is directly connected to the local job market, I was able to find a job in my field immediately upon graduation."
Name: Connie Holden Peterson
Details: Connie Holden Peterson, 1976 Accounting graduate, CVTC Alumni Association Board President, Ayres Associates Vice President of Human Resources
"I was a non-traditional student who worked full-time and attended school part-time from the age of 30 to 40 to receive my CVTC degrees. CVTC has been the foundation for advancement in my career and obtaining advanced degrees."
Name: Judy King Gehler
Details: Judy King Gehler, 1995 Industrial Engineering and 1996 Supervisory Management graduate, 2006 Distinguished Alumnus
"Attending District One Technical Institute (now CVTC) developed my passion for learning, and I have relied on the skills that I learned at CVTC throughout my career."
Name: Steve Schlough
Details: Steve Schlough, 1970 Marketing graduate, past Alumni Association president, UW-Stout Apparel and Communication Technologies Department Chair
"CVTC gave me a solid foundational knowledge of business and opened the door for me to start a good career in health care.  Since CVTC is a highly acclaimed school in the Chippewa Valley, finding good employment in the health care area after graduation was not an issue."
Name: Tina Sundly
Details: Tina Sundly, 1985 Administrative Business graduate, 2004 Distinguished Alum, Wipfli LLP Health Care Strategic Alignment Manager