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Rosemary Everson: Author and Nursing Assistant

EversonRosemary Everson has branched out into various careers since graduating from CVTC.  

Completion of the Medical Office Specialist program in 1991 and the Office Assistant program in 1992 led to fulfilling jobs in the medical field, including one as a cashier in Luther-Midelfort’s business office in the late 1990s. “It was one of my favorite places to work,” Rosemary remembers.

Then in 2004 she returned to CVTC to brush up on her accounting skills.

Though she loved the medical field, she also yearned to write professionally. While taking classes at CVTC, she completed an essay-writing admission test of Long Ridge Writers Group in West Redding, Connecticut, which offers a Breaking into Print home study training program for aspiring writers. “I asked a CVTC instructor to proofread my manuscript and was thrilled to learn that I was accepted into the program, because I wanted to write.” One-third of the applicants were selected for the program.

She divided her time between completing the Long Ridge Writers Group writing courses and working as a certified nursing assistant.

“I love my work as a nursing assistant,” Rosemary says. “Working with the elderly is humbling and  rewarding.” 

Since completing the writing program she has published four fiction books with themes of mystery, romance, marriage and homelessness: My Friend, Maggie; Fact or Fool; Outburst of Love; and The Days of Carina Fielding Minuet’. Part of the proceeds from an upcoming book-signing event will go toward a scholarship fund in memory of CVTC Accounting instructor Geri Wendt.  

A future goal is to combine her writing and medical interests into writing for a health care magazine. 

Among her favorite memories of CVTC is her graduation in 1992. “Governor Tommy Thompson spoke during the ceremony when I received my Office Assistant diploma in UW-Eau Claire’s Zorn Arena,” Rosemary recalls.  “My family was in attendance, so the day felt complete.”