COMPASS Preparation-Algebra

Welcome to the online COMPASS preparation module!

My name is Molly Craker and I am an Academic Services Instructor. I have been with CVTC since 2004 and have worked extensively with students, just like you, to help them prepare for the COMPASS exam. Everything you need to review for the Algebra portion of the COMPASS exam is available on this site. Work your way through the site and visit as often as necessary. If you feel that you would benefit from more help in preparing for the COMPASS, please visit your local CVTC Academic Services. To find the Academic Services closest to you or for additional information please call 715-833-6400.

Important Facts about the COMPASS

*The COMPASS test is an entrance exam used by Chippewa Valley Technical College (CVTC) to help place place you in general education courses.

*All students who enter CVTC must take the test.

*The COMPASS test is a computerized test that you schedule to take at your convenience

*COMPASS is an adaptive placement test which means that the test administers questions based on your answers. COMPASS operates at your comfort level rather than your frustration level, by tailoring the items to your skill level, the test will challenge but not discourage. This means that the number of questions and the time to take the test varies for every student.

*You must finish at least 8 questions so that we can determine the classes that you need.

*You are allowed a calculator on both portions of the math test.

*All mathematics items are multiple choice.

*Once you answer a problem you cannot go back to it.

The Algebra Placement portion tests your current skill level in several areas:

Substituting values into algebraic expressions

Basic operations with polynomials

Solving polynomial equations by factoring

Linear equations in one variable

Linear inequalities in one variable

Setting up equations for given situations

Factoring of polynomials

Formula manipulation

Exponents and radicals

Rational expressions

Systems of linear equations in two variables

Exponents and radicals

Quadratic formulas

Absolute value equations and inequalities

Graphing perpendicular lines

Graphing systems of equations and rational functions

Graphing parallel lines

Midpoint formula