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What Business Owners Need to Know About Training

​Your greatest business asset is your people. Your business success is dependent on the performance of your people. What do we do when employee performance is not where it could be – when there’s a performance gap? As a business owner or leader, what can you do to help close the performance gap? Can you know for certain the cause and the solution? And what do you do when it seems your employees have become disengaged in their work? They are at work physically, but mentally and emotionally they seem to be elsewhere, and it’s impacting their performance.

How do you find the time and energy to do all the things you need to do in your typical business
day plus effectively identify and implement solutions to address performance-related issues? Do you take a chance and simply register your employees to attend some day-long conference that you hope will make a difference? And if you do, how do you know it truly made any lasting difference in their performance?

During my years as a manager, these were challenges I had to force. And for those of us who lead organizations, it’s crucial that we address these challenges effectively to help ensure our employees are engaged and realizing their performance potential. Chippewa Valley Technical College (CVTC) Business and Industry Services is prepared to partner with you to help address these challenges.

One of the key resources provided by CVTC Business and Industry Services is customized training solutions. The overarching objective of our customized training solutions is to have a favorable impact on your employees’ performance, so they can realize their potential in helping to drive your business’s success.

We develop the right solutions by:

  • Assessing specific needs for your business and employees. When there is a gap in performance, it’s important to identify the drivers causing the gap. Identifying the drivers helps to ensure the right training solutions.
  • Identifying outcomes important for your business’s success. We partner with you to identify the performance behaviors that are important for business success. This helps to enable a training solution that meets your business needs.
  • Developing training solutions that engage your employees. Our training solutions are participant focused, active, and results oriented. In other words, we design our training solutions with your employees’ learning preferences in mind, so they can participate in the learning experience and be able to readily apply what they learn.
  • Help enable results that are measurable. As we partner with you to identify outcomes important for your business’s success, we are focused on establishing results you can quantify. We will work with you to establish performance measures that can be part of an ongoing performance assessment that benefits the employee and your business goals.

Your business success is dependent on the performance of your people. Partner with CVTC to help your people realize their performance potential to drive your business success.