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Microsoft Excel 2010: Intermediate Skills- CLASS IS FULL


Eau Claire Business Education Center - Room 27

Start Date & Time

7/9/2014 8:30 AM

End Date & Time

7/9/2014 3:30 PM

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After completing this course, you’ll know how to:
• Link worksheets by using 3-D formulas; add a Watch window; create and manage links between workbooks; and create a workspace.
• Apply special and custom number formats; control the display of zero values; use functions to format text; create, apply, and modify styles; apply and modify themes; merge and split cells; change the orientation of data in cells; transpose data; use Paste Special operations, and add a background color and a watermark.
• Create an outline and consolidate data; create subtotals in a list; use multiple subtotal functions; and create custom views to save different sets of worksheet display and print settings.
• Define and apply cell and range names; use names in formulas; and define and apply 3-D names.
• Sort data by columns; filter data based on complex criteria and copy filtered results to another range; create, format, and name a table, and add rows and columns; and used structured references.
• Save and publish a worksheet as a Web page; insert and edit hyperlinks; publish a worksheet; and send a worksheet as an email attachment.
• Format data points in charts; create combination charts and trendlines; insert sparklines; use chart templates; and add and modify drawing objects, shapes, and images.
• Use auditing features; add comments to cells and workbooks; protect a worksheet or part of a worksheet; protect the workbook structure; share, merge, and track changes in a workbook; find and remove hidden and personal data in a workbook; and mark a workbook as final.
• Change Excel’s default application settings and customize the Ribbon; work with Excel templates; and create and manage templates.
• Create a PivotTable for analyzing and comparing large amounts of data; modify the PivotTable view by using slicers to filter data and by rearranging fields; improve the appearance of a PivotTable by changing its field settings and applying a style; and create a PivotTable to graphically display data from a PivotTable.

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