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Compression Planning for Project Management, Grants, and Strategic Planning

Join Us

Wednesday & Thursday, October 22 & 23: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Friday, October 24: 8 a.m.-Noon

Chippewa Valley Technical College

Eau Claire Business Education Center

620 W Clairemont Ave., Eau Claire, WI 54701


About Compression Planning

Compression Planning(R) is a seven-step visual planning process designed to ignite your group’s energy and thinking to rapidly resolve a specific issue. It gets everyone heading in the same direction in a short amount of time. Major projects get underway. Important decisions are made quickly and effectively. years.”

With Compression Planning, planning that previously took weeks, months, or years can be dramatically compressed. Compression Planning increases meeting and planning productivity. You’ll be able to put the process to work immediately and harvest the benefits for your organization.

Compression Planning enables individuals to leverage their collaborative time, make better decisions faster, and get their people heading in the same direction. By cutting down on time it takes to plan for major projects and solve complex issues, company leaders can move faster to implement fresh solutions. 


Interested in participating in our next conference?

The next conference will be held October 22-24, 2014. Seats are limited. 

The conference runs two and a half days (finished by noon on the third day) and includes continental breakfast and lunch.  Participants are required to bring a project or idea that they plan to implement using Compression Planning.  Each participant will have time to walk through their individual projects to gain feedback, ideas, support and advice from the McNellis team and their peers.  Cost is $1995/person.


 About the Session


​Taught by Jerry McNellis and Patrick McNellis of the Compression Planning(R) Institute near Pittsburgh, PA, this seminar is a learn-by-doing course. You will bring a key business problem you want to solve, or an opportunity you would like to capture, and learn Compression Planning skills as you apply them to your particular issue.


What You'll Learn

Learn the Master Planning Model which can be used on 90-95% of all challenges you’ll be asked to facilitate.

  • 4 Ways to time a CP session from start to finish using a Master Planning Model.

  • 6 Ways to establish accountability and keep others true to their word.

  • 5 tips on how to neutralize and deal with “traditionally difficult participants.”

  • 7 suggestions on when to use CP…and 3 “Red Flags” of when NOT to get suckered into leading a group destined to fail.

  • Learn how to manage creative sessions as well as analytical ones without letting them become contaminated by “typical meeting-itis”.

You will walk away with

  • Hands-on experience in designing and directing Compression Planning using storyboards.
  • Confidence to lead your group through internal planning sessions.
  • The ability to be a neutral facilitator when dealing with complex and sometimes emotional issues.
  • An opportunity to draw out creative and effective ideas from your peers, even the quiet ones.

 About the Speakers


Jerry McNellis


Jerry McNellisJerry is not a ‘motivational’ speaker, nor is he an ‘inspirational’ speaker – although the countless projects he’s been part of are both motivating and inspirational. Jerry is a dedicated “Meetings Buster” with over 30 years of experience of working in the trenches with some of the world’s most transformational business leaders.

He brings to his workshops real life experiences, an honesty that is fresh and welcome and most importantly, a sense of hope that things can get done… quickly. Participants leave his workshop fully equipped to tackle opportunities and predicaments with an easy-to-implement system.

Jerry has over 34 years of practical experience helping groups tackle some of the messiest predicaments they face. An extremely gifted ‘questioner’ and even greater ‘listener’, Jerry has been sharing his practical techniques that accelerate ideas into action since August of 1978. 

Pat McNellis

Pat McNellisPat McNellis is a gifted facilitator and all-around expert when it comes to planning systems and coaching. Pat has been working with his father, Jerry McNellis, helping to develop and refine the productivity solutions McNellis is famous for. Pat works as Jerry’s primary assistant, but also takes the lead during sessions as a co-facilitator.

Pat has a special knack for working with groups to leverage their most creative, focused thinking. He helps Jerry manage every aspect of each unique Institute, and is also responsible for creating a number of McNellis knowledge products, studies and systems. He credits Compression Planning®, and his desire to “dig for the uniqueness in every situation” as a foundation for his success.

Pat has also written The Compression Planning Blueprint, a companion piece for Compression Planning users. Pat also helps professionals write high-impact resumes.

In his free time, Pat enjoys raising his twins Logan and Lauryn with his wife, Stephanie.





Levels the playing field for participants

“Compression Planning really levels the playing field, and one of the things people like best about the process is it’s fun! Many, many times I hear ‘This is the best planning session I’ve ever been in.’ It spans the gap for everyone. If you’re no-nonsense, you’ll like it for that reason. If you’re creative, you’ll like it because it allows you to be very creative and open to a lot of different directions.” 


Peter R. Hughes
Market Vice President – Business Development
Mayo Clinic Health System/Franciscan Healthcare, La Crosse, WI


​Spend Years...or hours planning

“We were hired by an area university to help with a problem they were stymied with. They tried to develop a specific program for two years, but they kept going around in circles. With one Compression Planning session, they were finally able to generate action steps that they had struggled to come up with for two years.”

Morris Beverage
Dr. Morris Beverage
Lakeland Community College, Kirtland, OH



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