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Meet the Trainers

Dan Burns Dan Burns, Leadership and Management Trainer/Consultant

  • Joined CVTC in 2008
  • Over 20 years of experience  in various leadership and management roles with industry-leading companies such as 3M, Cray Research, and IDEXX Laboratories for over 20 years
  • Had the privilege of working as a public servant with the Eau Claire County Department of Human Services
  • Earned a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Economics from UW–Eau Claire Earned a master's degree in Business Administration from UW–Eau Claire

Dan's career and academic experience allows him to readily gain insight into many of the challenges and opportunities that leaders and managers face in today's fast-paced workplace. Dan leverages his experience and insight to tailor his consulting and training to best meet the needs of the organizations he is privileged to partner with.

Jon Leenhouts Jon Leenhouts, Safety Trainer/Consultant

  • Over 23 years of safety management experience in a variety of highly regulated manufacturing industries including food, paper and printing/publishing
  • Worked at Nestlé Nutrition in Eau Claire for 11 ½ years
  • Has a proven track record of reducing worker’s compensation costs through injury prevention 
  • Is an auditor in ISO14001 and Occupational Health, Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) 18001 standards for environmental and safety systems
  • Earned a bachelor’s  degree from UW–Milwaukee
  • Earned a master’s degree in Safety from UW–Stout

Jon’s work experience and training skills allow him to quickly evaluate the challenges that today’s business leaders and managers contend with. A proven, solution-oriented leader, Jon will leverage his expertise and tailor the training and consulting capabilities to best meet the needs of our client organizations.


Suzanne Blau Suzanne Blau, Business Technology Trainer/Consultant

  • Worked in the engineering consulting industry as a project manager
  • Collaborates with business and industry to develop and administer customized training and professional development seminars
  • Unique and in-depth understanding of computer training requirements
  • Earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from UW–River Falls
  • In the process of completing a master’s degree in Training and Development from UW –Stout

Suzanne’s career and academic experience allow her to lead industry, advance company growth, and maximize human capital through business technology training. She assists organizations with analyzing training needs as well as designing and conducting computer training to give employees the leading-edge capabilities in today’s ever-changing marketplace. 

Judi Anibas Judi Anibas, Personal Safety Trainer/Consultant

  • Spent 25 years in public safety as a police officer at the Eau Claire police department working in patrol, community and supervision
  • Taught at CVTC as an adjunct instructor since 1992
  • Earned a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from UW–Platteville
  • Earned a master’s degree in Training and Development from UW–Stout

Judi’s career experience and education gives her a keen insight in identifying and solving issues related to safety of self and place. Personal safety planning and development, and safety for that physical space of work or home are important techniques to learn. In today’s world diffusing potentially dangerous situations with non-violence is an important skill that anyone can develop and use.  Identifying and solving employee and workplace problems can help in maintaining a good healthy workplace. Judi can assist your team in developing components of safety that are essential for a better working environment and employee.


Vince Fiorani Vince Fiorani, Electromechanical/Industrial Mechanic Trainer/Consultant

  • Background in manufacturing, primarily in metalworking, with an emphasis on Industrial Maintenance and CNC Machining.
  • Vast experience as a butcher, insurance agent, furniture store manager, and a parts room stock clerk.
  • Earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

Vince often acts as the “Utility Player” of the B&I team. Vince has a strong commitment to determining the root cause of the skills gap in any customers’ workforce and designing a training package that delivers the right training to the right people. Vince works hard to remove any and all barriers between the learners and the subject matter. Every job in every facility can be done in a professional manner, and Vince embeds this message into every training package he delivers.

Scott Ruffi Scott Ruffi, Electromechanical /Industrial Maintenance Trainer/Consultant

  •   Worked as an automation specialist prior to joining CVTC.
  • Owned a part time system integration business for several years.
  • Vast experience in sales support, upgrading/designing automated equipment in a manufacturing environment.
  • Experiences include implementing MES (Manufacturing Execution System), OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), KPI ( Key Performance Indicators), SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition). 
  • Earned an associate degree in Laser Electro Optics Tech from North Central Technical College. 
  • In the process of pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering Technology from Indiana State University.

Scott collaborates with business and industry to develop customized training and seminars for technical personnel on multiple automation control platforms. Scott’s work experience and training skills allow him to evaluate the challenges that today’s automated plant floors contend with. A solution provider, he will leverage his knowledge and expertise and tailor the training and consulting capabilities to best meet the needs of training your technical personnel.