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CVTC Employees

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Employment Resources

Working at CVTC is an exciting way to make a difference. Whether you are considering an employment opportunity in teaching or a role in an administrative or support position - everyone at CVTC works together to produce the BEST! We invite you to join us and work with people who love what they do! CVTC offers employment in several categories:

  • Support Staff -support, clerical, technical, skilled trade, labor, custodial, maintenance, and student positions

  • Management & Professional - management, professional or counseling positions

  • Faculty - full-time instructional or related positions

  • Adjunct Teaching - part-time instructional, substitute, or Business & Industry training positions.

Application Review and Screening

​View information on how we uses search and screening committees to review and select candidates. View More Information.

Certification Requirements

​Learn more about CVTC's certification requirements for teaching. View Requirements.


​Benefit packages at CVTC vary depending on the position type. View our Summary of Benefits document to get an overview.  

Employment FAQs

​Still have questions? Check out the FAQ page to see if we have the answer. View FAQs.

​A Search and Screening Committee reviews application materials and selects an appropriate number of applicants to be interviewed. The Search and Screening Committee is comprised of faculty, clerical and administrative staff and is created to represent all areas of the college.

The Search and Screening Committee also conducts the interviews and recommends applicants for hire. The Committee recommendations are then reviewed and approved by the appropriate Vice President and President. A Human Resources Facilitator is present at committee meetings ensuring that fair employment practices are followed in the search and screening process.

Meeting the minimum qualifications for a position does not ensure that an applicant will be interviewed.

​Keep up to date with current employment opportunities by subscribing to our Employment Listserve. When you subscribe, you will receive notification via email when an employment opportunity becomes available at CVTC. You may unsubscribe at any time.