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Financial Aid Policies


Federal Funds Return Policy

​If a student has received federal financial aid assistance and has officially or unofficially withdrawn from CVTC, the aid may need to be returned. Learn more about federal funds return policy.

Refund Distribution

​View the order in which the CVTC Financial Aid Office will return funding (called refund distribution) to the source if it is required. Learn more about refund distribution.

No Show

Students who do not attend classes or begin courses during the first week of the semester are reported by their instructor as a “no show.” Learn more about the No Show policy.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

​Students must make satisfactory academic progress for each term of enrollment in order to remain eligible for financial aid the following term. Learn more about satisfactory academic progress.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

​Current law requires CVTC to provide students with information related to financial assistance and other institutional information. Learn more about student rights and responsibilities.

Maximum Time Frame Requirement

If you are a Financial Aid recipients you must successfully complete your program by the time 150% of the published credits for the program has been attempted. Learn More.