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About Us

CVTC’s Fire Safety Center is used as a training site for the Emergency Services programs, and to offer businesses a facility to conduct fire research and development for products that need to undergo fire testing. This facility also certifies that the product has been tested to a third party certification such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL). We also provide a location for fire related product training and demonstrations. Your current and prospective clients can experience how your product performs and operates under actual fire conditions. The observation room/classroom is a perfect component to this training environment. The test room and observation/classroom can also be used for non-fire demonstrations and training.


Why We Are Unique

We are one of few certified test sites in the United States and we are in the process of being UL approved.

What We Do

Currently we are equipped to perform UL 711 tests but the facility can be readily adapted to other tests such as fire ratings on doors, windows, and glass.

Safe & Secure

The facility provides a safe and secure environment for tests as well as a private test platform.