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Fire Safety Center

3617 Campus Road

Eau Claire, WI 54703

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Test Room

The sole purpose of the test room is to have a fire in it. It has several adjustable louvers around the room to allow for air to enter in during tests under controlled conditions. Thermal mass issues are less of a concern in this facility, as is reflective heat issues resulting from metal surfaces. We understand fire behavior and issues with the test environment that contribute to testing difficulties and designed the facility to remove these issues. At CVTC’s Fire Safety Center you can just fight the fire and not worry about fighting the environment.

50’ x 50’ Testing Area

The ventilation system is a computer controlled system that can be adjusted for specific tests. Some tests require more or less airflow and we can dial it in to the exact specifications for the test.

30’ Ceilings

The ceiling is lined with Pagenite panels to protect the room. This material does not contribute a great deal of radiated heat back into the test environment.

1’ Thick Walls

The walls are one foot thick. Therefore they do not retain a tremendous amount of heat and contribute less radiant heat back into the test environment. This also allows us to better control the environment within the test area. This way the fire is not artificially enriched with oxygen by excessive airflows.