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Gift Options

  • Unrestricted Gifts - These gifts allow CVTC to allocate contributions to the area of greatest need at the time the gift is given.
  • Restricted Gifts - These gifts are designated for a specific fund at the time the gift is given; choose one of many fund options.
  • Endowment - Gifts represent a current or deferred gift of cash, appreciated securities, or other assets that are given for a specific purpose.
  • Gifts of Cash - Gifts of cash are the most popular way to contribute to the CVTC Foundation. Cash contributions are tax deductible as allowed by law and may provide federal and state tax savings.
  • Gifts in Kind - ​Gifts of personal property are appraised and the donor receives credit for a contribution equal to full market value of the gift. CVTC reserves the right to approve gifts before they are accepted.