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International Student Expenses

​If you want to become an International Student at CVTC one of the steps you need to take is to document that you have sufficient funds to cover your expenses while attending school.

Cost of Living Estimates

The cost of living expenses below are only estimates; your program of choice and personal standard of living will determine your actual amount. Keep in mind that if you remain in the area for the summer months, additional funds for living expenses may be needed.

Out of State Tuition Cost for One Year (based on 30 credits)
Estimated Living Expense
Student Health Insurance
Books and Materials (Average)​


You are required to document that you can cover a total of $14,600 (USD) for the first year of schooling based on the breakdown above.

Note: US Immigration and Customs Enforcement regulations prohibit international students from working off-campus. Although USICE regulations permit part-time, on-campus employment, there are limited on-campus work opportunities at CVTC. International students should not expect to work on campus in order to pay for expenses.