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​Upcoming Offerings:

  • Monday, December 22, 2014

    Free College Success Seminar: Cover Letter 101

    Eau Claire Business Education Center, Room 27

  • Monday, December 29, 2014

    Free College Success Seminar: Resume Rescue

    Eau Claire Business Education Center, Room 27

  • Tuesday, December 30, 2014

    Free College Success Seminar: Career Decisions Workshop

    Eau Claire Business Education Center, Room 27

  • Monday, January 05, 2015

    Free College Success Seminar: Calculate Dosages with Confidence​ (Part 1)

    River Falls Campus, Rm 118

  • Monday, January 05, 2015

    Free College Success Seminar: Nursing Math Boot Camp

    Eau Claire Business Education Center, Room 226

  • Tuesday, January 06, 2015

    Free College Success Seminar: Calculate Dosages with Confidence​ (Part 2)

    River Falls Campus, Room 118



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College Success Seminars

​Our free College Success Seminars are designed to help you brush up on basic technology and study skills—skills you’ll need to be successful at CVTC.

Seminar Descriptions:


​Name ​Description

Balancing Family, Work, and School

Are you experiencing difficulty balancing school and home life? Come to this session and we’ll teach you how to prioritize life’s challenges and get you back on track. We’ll also give you strategies for meeting not only your needs, but also the needs of your family. ​

Calculate Dosages with Confidence

This session will review basic math computation and unit conversions. You will learn to calculate the appropriate number of tablets to distribute, how to set a pump, and determine IV rates. We will also learn how to calculate pediatric medications. We'll cover everything you need to know to successfully pass your dosage calculation test! ​

Career Decisions Workshop

​In this session, you will learn how to match your interests to careers and how values play a role in career selection. We will also cover labor market information and what CVTC services are available to help you succeed in a program.

College Writing Refresher

​In this seminar, you will undergo a refresher of standard college writing expectations and how they can be used to craft clearer, more effective essays and presentations.  By covering some common mistakes, you will leave with a better understanding of grammar and punctuation, word choice and tenses, and clear and direct sentences. 

COMPASS® Prep Classes

​​You will review specific concepts in pre-algebra, algebra, writing, and/or reading in preparation for taking the COMPASS® assessment. These sessions will also explore test-taking strategies designed to help reduce anxiety and improve test results.

Critical Thinking

​What does it mean to be critical? This interactive seminar will explain the how to use critical thinking to promote creative answers to everyday questions. After reviewing some basic genres and patterns of thinking, you will learn how to use them to be successful in college and the workplace. You are encouraged to bring your own problems to solve.

Employability Skills

​Need a resume and cover letter that will impress future employers? This seminar is for you! Learn how to create an attractive, useful resume and cover letter that will make employers notice you.

Forming Effective Study Groups​

Productive study groups can help you learn course content and get to know your peers. Getting started and keeping the study group on track can be a challenge. Join this session and learn how to form your own study group and make the most of your meeting. ​

Integrating Sources in Writing

​Stuck on a paper?  Don’t know what to write next?  Or, do you not know what to even write about?  You are not alone: this seminar will help you answer these questions, and more.  You will learn how to select good sources, how to read them and understand them, and how to use them as support for your own ideas and opinions.

Math Study Skills

In many classes, students can get by with skimming through a few chapters and taking good lecture notes to pass the class. Math isn’t one of those classes! Studying for math can be a bit complex since it requires application of concepts, rather than memorization. Attend this seminar to get tips on solving word problems, note-taking, reading your textbook, and test-taking. ​

Preparing for Academic Success

Inventory of Student Success (ISS) Workshop​

Are you fully committed to your career choice and education? Do you have a support system that will help you succeed? Are you confident in your academic skills? Our staff is ready to help you explore these topics and the many factors that influence academic success.

Study Skills

​​Brush off the mental cobwebs in this great refresher course. We’ll review all the skills you need to feel confident and make the most of your study time. You’ll learn how to take great notes, use your textbook, and prepare for tests.


Technology plays an important role in your college experience. This session will provide you with relevant technology information that will help you adjust to CVTC. You will learn how to effectively navigate CVTC’s website, My CVTC, Outlook, SIS, Citrix, and E360.

Test Anxiety

​Tests are an important part of the educational process. Unfortunately, they can also be intimidating, leading to test anxiety that can make it difficult to earn the results you want. We will provide you with strategies to identify and deal with the symptoms of test anxiety.

Time Management

​​Do you struggle with juggling all the things you need to do? Do you ever feel like there’s not enough time in the day? Learn how to efficiently manage your time, set priorities, and reach your goals using time management strategies.