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Guidelines for Tours

General Guidelines

Maximum number of participants per tour (15) will be strictly adhered to.
Tours require walking. Some groups walk outdoors. Students should plan accordingly.
Please notify us if any of your students need special accommodations.

Tour Preparation

Have a dialogue with the students prior to coming. Discuss purpose of Tours and how to get the most out of the visit
Let each student chose which Tour best fits his/her interest.
Encourage students to research his/her program(s) of interest ahead of time.
Encourage students to ask questions during the Tour. Brainstorm possible questions ahead of time. This is their time to learn more about technical education opportunities - make the most of it.
Follow up with the student following the Tours to see how they plan to apply knowledge learned.

Questions Students Could Ask On The Tour

What classes should I be taking in high school to prepare me for this program? Why should I take these classes...or why are these classes important? How will they be used in the occupation?
What are the admission requirements for my program of interest?
What is the cost for tuition and other supplies associated with my program of interest?
What are the start dates - August or January?
How long is the program - one year or two years?
What type of classes do I take to graduate from this program?
What is the starting salary for this career?
What type of job can I get by graduating with this degree?
Can I further my education after this degree?
What is a typical day like in this profession? Days...nights...rotating shift? Same duties every day?
How does the job market look for careers in this program?
Where are jobs located for this type of degree - local or out of state? Relocate? Industry?
Are there extracurricular or co-curricular activities offered at the college as part of my program interest?
How much does a tool kit cast for this program? Is the tool kit covered under financial aid? Can I keep these tools?
How many students are in the program?
How much homework will I need to do each week for this program?
What do current students find is the most difficult part or class in this program?
What qualifications do my teachers have?
How long are classes? 60 minutes? 90 minutes?
What would my class schedule look like?
(For Health or Auto) Do I need to take certifications exams after my degree to work in this field? How much do these exams cost? How often do I have to take them?
Do I need to purchase a lap top for college?
What other information would be helpful to know?