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Program Testimonials


Jason Curtis

Controller at Midwest Manufacturing

“Hello, my name is Jason and I am a proud graduate of CVTC’s Accounting program. Working with numbers and analytical thinking are all extremely important in my accounting career. I chose CVTC for the hands-on training and small class sizes with personal attention from instructors. Thanks to CVTC earning my accounting degree was affordable and now I have a career I enjoy.”


Administrative Professional

Judy Doro

Instructional Program Assistant at CESA 10

“I am a proud graduate of CVTC’s Administrative Professional program. Attention to detail, being confidential and organized, and using technology are important skills for my position. The friendly instructors, flexibility, and cost savings made choosing CVTC an easy decision. Administrative office management are in high demand and they offer variety with a challenge.”


Electromechanical Technology

Jason Brantner

Systems Technician at 3M Company

“Hi, my name is Jason and I’m a proud graduate of CVTC’s Electromechanical Technology program. One of the reasons I chose CVTC is because of their great reputation. The hands-on training and education from CVTC made finding a job easy. I received many offers but am proud to be working at 3M Company as a Systems Technician.”


Human Resources

Sara Pedicone

Human Resources Manager, Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital

“Hello, my name is Sara and I am a proud graduate of CVTC’s Human Resources program. I enjoy training, coaching, and evaluating employees to help them improve. As an HR manager I use my education to help the people within our company grow. Affordable tuition, convenient class schedules, and transferrable credits make CVTC an amazing value.”


Industrial Mechanic

Lois Wedeman

Maintenance Technician at Bush Brothers

“Hi, my name is Lois and I’m a proud graduate of CVTC’s Industrial Mechanic program. CVTC gave me the chance to go back to school while raising my family. I enjoy troubleshooting state-of-the-art equipment as a maintenance technician. The important work I do makes me thankful for my education and my career.”


Information Technology Network Specialist

Erin Myren

Network Management Technician, WIN

“Hi, my name is Erin, and I am a proud graduate of CVTC’s Information Technology – Network Specialist program. My passion for video games and new technology made going to school for IT seem like the right fit for me. CVTC was a flexible education option for my husband, our two daughters, and myself. Working as a network management technician has empowered me to succeed in a high-demand industry.”


Information Technology Software Developer

Charlie Kuchlenz

Programmer/Analyst, National Business Institute

“Hello, my name is Charlie and I’m a proud graduate of CVTC’s Information Technology – Software Developer program. Learning how to develop and write code helped me to understand what happens in the background of applications and websites. In the IT – Software Developer program, I really found my passion for databases, data warehousing, and business intelligence. Find your passion, start your IT career at Chippewa Valley Technical College.”


Machine Tooling Technics

Mitch Harmstrom

CNC Supervisor at Prototype Solutions Group

“My name is Mitch and I graduated from the CVTC Machine Tool program. I chose CVTC because I knew it was the best program in the area. After graduating I was able to get a job at Prototype Solutions Group right in Menomonie. CVTC has allowed me to earn a living doing what I love and has allowed me to live a lifestyle that I’ve always wanted.”


Marketing Management

Dan Paulson

Marketing Specialist, Sacred Heart Hospital

“Hello, my name is Dan and I’m a proud graduate of CVTC’s Marketing Management program. I love putting my advertising, design, and writing skills to work as a marketing specialist. In the world of marketing, no two days are ever the same – the variety is fun and exciting. Earning my degree from CVTC has improved my life.”



Josh Christenson

Welder at Bartingale

“My name is Josh and I’m a proud graduate of CVTC’s Welding program. I chose CVTC to find my dream job and improve my life. I was able to come back to school while working full-time. I graduated with a great job and now I’m living the dream!”