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Contract with CVTC

Student contracts are set up to determine costs, HSED requirements, and testing eligibility. The contract will include:

  • Scheduled hours of attendance
  • A beginning/ending date of eligibility for the program and testing
  • Total cost estimation
  • Special accommodations

Upon receiving notification that your student has passed the TABE Reading assessment, you can contact the CVTC Pre-College Specialist designated to your high school to set up a contract signing. At this time, we will go over the details of the contract with you, your student, and their parent (if applicable). Students under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian present at contract signing.​​

Contract Adjustments

When your student has satisfactorily completed a majority of the requirements for the HSED but is unable to complete the program due to final testing eligibility, our instructor may recommend putting him/her on a reduced contract. In order to be considered for a reduced contract, the student must have successfully passed four of the five GED tests. They must attend a combined total of 15 hours per week between employment, high school-approved activities, and classroom hours.

Occasionally there are extenuating circumstances that require students to increase their contract attendance hours in order to complete all the necessary curriculum prior to the ending contract date.
Approval of the contract reduction/increase will be determined by the high school principal or counselor.  The change will go into effect immediately upon receipt of e-mail notification.

Notification of the request approval or denial will be sent through e-mail confirmation to the following:

Contract Cancellations

Based on attendance, performance, or behavior, the instructor may recommend a contract cancellation at any time. It is up to the high school to approve or deny cancellation.

The high school may modify or cancel a student’s contract at any time by sending e-mail communication to the Pre-College Specialist, Program Instructor, and Lead Instructional Assistant in a timely manner. The date of the e-mail will serve as the effective date of change.