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Transcripted Credit & Advanced Standing Agreements

​Transcripted Credit

Transcripted Credit is the preferred method of obtaining credit for prior learning. It provides a great opportunity for students to obtain college credits while still in High School. CVTC provides the curriculum but High School faculty teach the course. There are many benefits both for the High School and the student:

​Benefits for the High School

Benefits​ for the Student

  • CVTC provides the competencies and grading scale
  • CVTC provides the High School teacher with a mentor who has taught the class
  • Helps CTE departments guide their student’s career path


  • Get credit at both CVTC and the High School
  • Could mean a savings of $447.40 per 4 credit class
  • Credits transfer to other higher education schools
  • A complementary CVTC transcript is sent yearly to the student

Transcripted Credit Request Process


Advanced Standing

Advanced Standing agreements allow students to request credit for certain courses that have an articulation agreement established. High School courses must have an 80% competency match and students must receive a "B" or better in order to receive credit. 

Key Points to Consider

  • Student receive high school credit immediately, but only receive college credit upon admission
  • Credits do not transfer out of WTCS System


Advanced Standing Credit Request Process


Articulation Side-by-Side Comparison

Transcripted Credit​

​Advanced Standing

​Competency match to CVTC



​Student receives high school credit



​Student receives college credit immediately


Student receives complementary college transcript​


​Credits transfer out of WTCS


​CVTC provided curriculum


CVTC provided mentor​