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Amy Mangin

Program Curriculum/Articulation Coordinator

715-833-6411  ​

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High School Counselor Checklist

​The Youth Options program allows public high school juniors and seniors who meet certain requirements to take courses at CVTC. Approved courses count toward high school graduation and college credit. The school board must pay for any course (including tuition, books and fees) that is taken for high school credit and that is not comparable to a course offered in the school district. Your students are eligible if the student has completed 10th grade with good academic standing, met any course prerequisites, has written approval from a parent or guardian, and has no history of disciplinary problems.


Important Deadlines


Student Applications
to High School Counselors prior to:

High School Applications
to CVTC Youth Options Coordinator prior to:

Fall Semester Classes

March 1st 

June 1st

Spring Semester Classes

October 1st 

December 1st

*Note: Letters will be sent directly to the student’s homes, if the applications are received five weeks prior to the Youth Options Priority Registration Event to ensure processing and mailing time.  After this date the High School Counselor receives letters directly.

Complete Application Packet
Please verify forms are filled out completely with legible handwriting to ensure quick and accurate processing.  A complete application packet MUST contain:

  1. DPI Youth Options Form (PI-8700-A)
  2. CVTC Supplemental Data
  3. Verification of Registration Eligibility


Application Notification
The High School Counselor will be notified if the applications are approved for registration dates, expectations, and events. 

Approval by the High School District Board does not guarantee CVTC registration opportunities.

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Registration Confirmation
Registration opens with the youth options priority registration event on a first come, first served basis.  Students are strongly encouraged to attend the registration event to receive a full overview of the youth options program at CVTC, CVTC’s college expectations, assistance with registration, and to pick up student IDs, textbooks, and parking passes.

Registration for any CVTC class is not guaranteed until the registration process is complete. 

Nursing Assistant
High demand with a limited number of Nursing Assistant (CNA) seats means that CVTC sets aside a few sections for Youth Options students specifically.  These sections are available to seniors, then juniors on a first, come first served basis at the Priority Registration Event only.  Attendance at the event does not guarantee registration.  *Youth Options students are not limited to these special sections.


Payment Information

​School Board Expenses ​Student Expenses

The school board must pay for any course that is taken for high school credit and that is not comparable to a course offered in the school district.​

A student must pay for any postsecondary course taken that is comparable to a course offered at the school district.

The school board must pay for the cost of any books and fees for all approved courses and materials for students attending an IHE. The school board may expect the return of books and materials in a useable form.​

A student must pay for incidental college fees (such as a parking permit) and for equipment, tools, supplies and consumables (notebooks, workbooks, uniforms) which will become the property of the student.​

A student must pay for a postsecondary course that is not used for high school credit.​