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What You'll Do
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What You'll Do at the Manufacturing Show.

​The CVTC Manufacturing Show is a great way to see how the field of manufacturing has changed and explore the various career options it offers.

Event Highlights

  • Explore manufacturing careers

  • Learn about CVTC’s manufacturing programs

  • Participate in hands-on demonstrations

  • Try your hand at a welding simulator

  • Check out our student projects

  • Learn about the newest technologies in manufacturing

  • Sign up for door prizes and raffle drawings

Hands-on Demonstrations

Get hands-on experience in each of the program areas listed below. Expand a program to get a description of what it's all about and the kinds of hands-on activities you'll experience at the Manufacturing Show.

What is it?
expand Electromechanical Technology
expand Engineering Programs
expand Industrial Mechanic
expand Machine Tooling Technics
expand Welding