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Federal Board Honors CVTC Veterans Worker

Deb Ludwikowski was surprised to the point of tears Monday, when Joseph G. Schmitt, executive director of the Federal Executive Board office in Minnesota; President Bruce Barker, and other CVTC leaders showed up at her office to congratulate her.

Schmitt presented her with a Federal Certificate of Appreciation from the Federal Executive Board simply for a job well done.

“I wanted to congratulate her for this award for her sustained superior performance on behalf of veterans both in Wisconsin and Minnesota,” Schmitt said. “She’s a pleasure to work with. She’s always so helpful.”

Federal Executive Boards were established in regions of the country by President John Kennedy in order to implement federal executive branch policy and respond to needs at the local level.  One of the things it keeps tabs on is veterans’ benefits. In his position, Schmitt clearly sees that things don’t always go as smoothly as they do at CVTC.

Ludwikowski, a registration/records assistant in the Registrar’s office, has been with CVTC for 30 years. For the past 17 years, helping veterans at CVTC get the benefits they have coming has been part of her job, and she’s excelled at it.

Schmitt said he just doesn’t see the problems in this area at CVTC that are often seen elsewhere, and he decided to present her with the recognition award, “Because we don’t often enough recognize people who do extraordinary work.”

Ludwikowski said she knew Schmitt thought highly of her work, and wanted to do something for her, but was totally surprised by the presentation Monday.

“He told me he was going to write a letter. I did not expect this whatsoever,” she said. “This is very touching. You do your job all the time, and you do hear thanks, but nothing like this.”

The award contains the official commemorative coin of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government. Accompanying President Barker and Schmitt for the presentation were Vice President of Student Services Margo Keys and Registrar Jessica Schwartz.