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CVTC Donors Give Blood to Save Lives

Students and staff members donated 31 units of blood at the Student-Government-Association-sponsored blood drive on February 16.  After the donations are collected, the blood goes to the Red Cross in St. Paul where it is tested and typed.  This processing takes about five days after which the blood is returned to the Chippewa Valley for use by area hospitals.

Shannon Metcalf, blood collection supervisor for the Red Cross, shared some statistics about blood donations:

• One donation can save up to three lives.

• Only 8 percent of the United States population donates blood.

• Every two seconds someone needs blood.

• A person can donate blood every 56 days, but the shelf life of blood is only 42 days.

According to Metcalf, “blood donations are critical to meet the needs of the local hospitals.”  The local hospitals make daily orders of blood which is transported to them from the St. Paul Red Cross center.

Assisting with the blood drive were members of the Administrative Professionals club who helped with registering donors.


Blood donors included Health Information Technology student Lindsey Wanish, pictured above.  With Lindsey is Jordyn Hauger, a collection technician with the Red Cross.