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3rd Annual President Barker Chili Challenge

Great fun for staff raising money for a good cause!

The Chippewa Valley Association of Career and Technical Education (CVACTE) held another great event this week, raising $320 for the Student Emergency Fund through the Foundation. That means that, so far, CVACTE has raised over $1,000 total for the Student Emergency Fund.

There were 12 excellent entries vying for the title of Best Chili!  So, who were the big winners?!?

Judges' Choice:
1st – Karen Bowe’s (Student Life Assistant) Chili Eclectica
2nd – Karin Rassbach’s (Manager of User Services) Crabby Chili
3rd – Chrystal Huang’s (Social Studies Instructor) Too Hot Chili

Plus, the People’s Choice-Best Chili Award went to Karin Rassbach for her Crabby Chili.

Congratulations to all of our Chili and Raffle Winners!

Pictured with CVTC President Bruce Barker are the Chili Challenge winners, left to right, Chrystal Huang, Karin Rassbach, and Karen Bowe.