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CVTC Hosting 24th Annual Cray Academy

Brian-Albrecht.jpgThe Cray Academy is celebrating its 24th year, and CVTC is proud to be hosting this event that gives local educators a chance to get together and sharpen their skills for the upcoming school year.

Brian Albrecht, President of Gateway Technical College in Racine, opened the event with a lively and insightful keynote presentation entitled iEducate: The Exciting World of iPhones, iPods, and iPads. Not only did Brian reminisce about what it was like to be a teacher decades and even centuries ago, but he looked back to when he attended the first Cray Academy at the Chippewa Falls Middle School. “It’s so important to reflect back on how we got here today. It makes us remember that change is constantly taking place and there are times we don’t recognize the change that is right in front of us.”

Brian talked about three basic philosophies that he wanted all the attendees to keep in mind.

  1. Value and appreciate the heroes in your life. This will help you understand how you are a hero to your students.
  2. Leadership is not a job, but a lifestyle.
  3. Commit to excellence in everything you do.

Brian helped to demonstrate some of these philosophies through a little theatrics and fun. As he filled up a Ziploc bag with water and showed the group a pencil, he asked the group to think outside the box and that you have to take risks to be a leader and to make an impact. As he jammed the pencil into the bag, without a drop of water falling to the floor, he challenged the group to get their students to think outside the box. “What would it take to get your students excited about learning?”

“It only takes one degree of change to make a difference, and that one degree is you. Make the most of this week and think about how you can make the one degree of change.”

Participants will spend the next two to three days in workshops ranging in topics from inclusion in the classroom, robotic welding, applications of nanobiotechnology in medicine, planning with the end in mind for all learners, to nonviolent crisis intervention.