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“America’s Real-Life Hitch” Comes to CVTC

Have you ever wanted to know who helped with the ideas in the movie Hitch? Yep. It was David Coleman, the “Dating Doctor.” He is the real-life Hitch. David always has about ten clients who are looking for advice on how to find “the one.” CVTC was lucky enough to have David bring his dating advice to over 100 students who joined in on the fun.

Here are some of David’s dating tips:

  • You have to at least find yourself a bit attractive to give yourself a positive image to others.
  • The person in the relationship who cares the least about the relationship has all the control. Don’t be in that type of relationship.
  • Want to start dating a friend? Here’s a test. Change your habits. If you always see this “friend” at school or at work, change your habits so you don’t see him when you normally do. See what happens. If he hunts you down because he missed you, you have a chance to be more than friends!
  • Don’t try to find someone to complete you. Find someone who complements you.
  • Don’t live with regrets. If you find someone attractive, go talk to her. You don’t want to see someone else walk away with her.

    Students also had the opportunity to ask for some advice. A few brave souls raised their hands and probably got more than they bargained for. Not only did David help them with their relationship issues, he gave those people some advice on life in general.

    CVTC students walked away with a smile on their face and sound advice on how to get into a healthy relationship or how to keep a current relationship strong.