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Electromechanical Students Proudly Show Off Final Projects

​The Electromechanical Technology program students have been working very hard this past semester putting together final projects that wrap up everything they have learned over their two-year experience at CVTC.

They were finally able to show off these projects to their family and friends at a special end-of-the-year event held on Thursday, May 3.

“This is really their chance to show off all their hard work,” commented Jon Brutlag, program chair for the Electromechanical Technology program. “Family and friends are finally able to see what the students have been talking about all semester.”

The projects are diverse and complex. One group of students created a machine that put caps on bottles. A small robotic arm grabs a bottle cap, carries it to the exact location to put it on the bottle, and then it twists the cap on the bottle. Another project was to create a putting green. With the push of a button the putter hit the ball. The green can be programmed to have hills and valleys to make the putt a little more difficult. It will even return the golf ball so you can take another putt.  

Another project was a puck bowling alley. Joe Doughty worked on this with one other student. “It’s a lot harder than it looks,” stated Joe, as he was putting the finishing touches on the piece. “We had to figure out the design and then make it work. From making the lights work when they needed to, to having the pins return correctly, it can be very complex. But it’s quite the accomplishment when you do figure it out.”

“All this relates back to what they will see once they graduate and get into industry. No, they will not be creating putting greens, but all the mechanics they used to create the putting green will be used on the job,” Jon added. “There is great demand for students in this program and they have a bright future ahead of them.”


Go to Youtube to take a look at the videos some of the students made of their projects: