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Students Enjoy Welcome-Back Picnic

Great food, music, and entertainment made for a fun welcome back picnic for CVTC students and staff.

“It’s our way of easing the transition back to school; trying to make it a fun a relaxing place to learn,” comments Alisa Hoepner, Student Life Specialist. “Plus we want them to get involved in Student Life so they make the most of their time at CVTC.” 

Students were able to relax in the courtyard just outside The Learning Center. Local band, Big Back Yard, played their acoustic set and it made for a great place to hang out.

“I’d like to sit here all day if I could,” commented one student. “But class is calling me. Maybe one more cookie!”

But the true entertain was seeing who would be courageous enough to ride the mechanical bull. Through the crowd, you would hear others ask, “You’re up next on the bull!” with the quick response of, “are you kidding?!?” But both students and staff had a great time testing their abilities. While some showed great form, others fell off quickly. Even special guess, the Gordy’s Guru made an attempt at the bull and we might have to say the bull won!

CVTC staffer Kyle Gutenberger, pictured above, shows great form as he tries his luck at riding the mechanical bull!