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New Year Brings Changes

​An academic reorganization was among the news announced at CVTC’s first day of in-service to open the spring 2013 term Wednesday.

Roger Stanford, who took over the position of vice president of instruction at the start of the fall term, discussed the changes in meetings throughout the day.

The new academic organizational structure calls for four deans: Campus Administrator/Dean Beth Hein; Dean of General Education and Business Cherrie Bergandi; Dean of Health and Emergency Services Shelly Olson; and Dean of Industry, Agriculture and Energy Aliesha Crowe. Hein replaces John Kleven as administrator of the River Falls campus. Dawn Kerr will continue as program assistant in River Falls. Each of the other three deans will have two program assistants and also be aided by associate deans.

Addressing all faculty and staff in a morning session, Stanford talked about his priorities, starting with a review of CVTC’s mission statement, values and academic pillars. The number one academic pillar – student focus – interests him the most.

“It really matters to me that we add value to our students,” Stanford said.

But Stanford said he is also teacher-focused.

Instruction matters, and more specifically, instructors matter,” he said. We may not always agree, but that’s OK.”

Stanford said he will praise instructors for good work, but will also “call people out for taking the easy way out  . . . I care and stand for quality-based instruction.”

Stanford made two specific requests, calling for mid-term grades to improve feedback to students, and for instructors to post their schedules on the College’s online system.

The previous administrator at River Falls, John Kleven, will expand his main role with CVTC working with business and industry in the St. Croix Valley and other parts of the CVTC 11-county district to provide training programs to meet their needs.  

President Barker

President Bruce Barker addressed the faculty and staff Wednesday morning. He reviewed some of the highlights of the end of 2012, including the successful Centennial celebration and the receiving of the Wisconsin Forward Mastery Level award.

“Very few organizations score that high the first time through,” he said.

Barker also reviewed some of the challenges CVTC has faced recently, including legislation that led to sacrifices by people. He praised faculty and staff for persevering.

“We never lost focus on our mission, and that’s a mark of professionalism,” he said. He also urged them to maintain that focus through an uncertain future.