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CVTC Hosts JA Business Challenge

The Business Education Center at CVTC was a quiet place, for the most part, during Spring Break, but the Learning Center and student commons were bustling with activity on one day.

More than 100 high school students from 19 school districts across northwestern Wisconsin competed for scholarships in the Junior Achievement Business Challenge, hosted by CVTC on Wednesday, March 13.

The teams competed on who could run the most successful business through business simulation exercises. After a day of strategizing with local business professionals, 16 high school students reaped the benefit for their efforts and won postsecondary scholarships.

First place and $600 scholarships went to team members from Chetek High School. A Rice Lake team took second and $400 scholarships, with one Durand team taking third and $200 scholarships. A second Durand High School team took fourth and $100 scholarships.    

The Viral Video Competition awarded a $750 scholarship ($250 per student) to high school students for their efforts in designing a video ad to market Junior Achievement.  Bruce High School students won the scholarships.