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CVTC to Broaden Scope of NanoRite Innovation Center

Chippewa Valley Technical College (CVTC) is proud to announce that it is broadening the scope of the NanoRite Innovation Center.  NanoRite will continue to be an incubation center for start-up companies in Western Wisconsin within the nanotechnology sector, but because of growth of bio, industrial, and manufacturing technology in the area, CVTC wants to also provide these type of start-up companies a facility to cultivate their ideas.

CVTC will also be adding an on-site data center, allowing NanoRite to expand the bandwidth to the tenants through the Chippewa Valley Inter Networking Consortium (CINC). This data center will also serve as a disaster recovery site for WiscNet, Wisconsin’s research and education network, be a data center location for the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire and allow CVTC to move its data center, which is now located at on off-site location.

“We want to make adjustments because there is a demand that needs to be filled. These changes will benefit both the current tenants and future prospects,” stated Bruce Barker, CVTC President. “We feel that with the proposed changes, many more local entities will benefit from the space. Plus, CVTC is answering industry needs by introducing three new program choices in engineering technology, and adding these programs reflects that growth in the biotechnology sector.”

NanoRite will continue to be committed to economic development in Western Wisconsin. Recently added tenants, Super Vitamin D and Fiberstar Bio, looked to NanoRite as a place to help grow their companies. The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) will also be adding a second office space to support job growth in Western Wisconsin.

Ted Schwarzrock, president and chief operating officer of Super Vitamin D, was thrilled when he found NanoRite through the EDC. “NanoRite had a wet lab and was a perfect fit for our needs. It would have taken us about 120 days and $150,000 to create that same space, and we were lucky enough to get into NanoRite quickly and continue our testing without any delay.” Super Vitamin D is a company producing a transdermal patch for Vitamin D.

Brock Lundberg, the owner of Fiberstar Bio, a company that creates value added ingredients from natural plant materials, was impressed by the facility from the first time he toured it. “It’s a first-class facility with a reasonable rate. I’m proud to bring my customers and vendors to my office as it’s a beautiful place to work. Plus I have access to labs and various equipment to keep my research moving forward.”

NanoRite opened in July 2007 as an incubation center built to meet the growing needs for micro- and nanotechnology and entrepreneurial activity and to meet the needs of the job growth in the high- technology sector.  Since opening, there has been great competition for small business incubation growth.