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Students Put Colorful Spin on New Year

Many CVTC students are carrying around new brightly colored book bags at the start of this academic term, thanks to the CVTC Student Government Association.

The SGA invited the Minnesota-based Spin Magic to demonstrate their art and make free gifts for CVTC students in the Business Education Center commons Wednesday, September 5. Brian Schumacher and Wade Olson showed students who gathered around how to squirt different colored dyes onto a spinning surface to make unique tie-dye-like designs.

Book bags were attached to the spinning wheels and students made their own designs. Cardboard was then slid inside the bag until the dyes dried into a permanent design.

The activity drew a steady crowd for four hours.

Spin Art was funded by SGA with student activity funds.

“I think people really like the interaction. It gets them involved. We try to have different events through the whole semester,” said SGA Director of Communications Lacy Schwede.