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Former CVTC President Donates Vehicle

With winter in full force, the little 1973 red Triumph Spitfire caught the eye of many as it pulled into the automotive program area of CVTC. This sporty little car was donated to CVTC Foundation by former CVTC President Bill Ihlenfeldt. The gift will benefit the Auto Collision Repair & Refinish Technician Program.
Through the years the Triumph Spitfire was well cared for, in part from the assistance of Terry Taylor, Auto Collision Repair & Technical instructor, and his students. Former President Ihlenfeldt received the vehicle from his father years ago, and CVTC students refinished it to its original color.
When Bill decided to donate the vehicle, he knew that CVTC's Auto Collision Repair & Refinish Technician Program was the right choice to honor both the vehicle and his father. “The Auto Collision Repair & Refinish students have done so much with this car over the years, I knew that they could continue to work on, and it would be a great learning experience for the students,” commented Bill.
Terry Taylor will be using the car to promote the program. “Not only do I want the students to know what it’s like to work on a classic car like this, but I also want to show it off at various events we have throughout the year.”

Former CVTC President Bill Ihlenfeldt, left in above photo, hands over the keys of the 1973 Triumph Spitfire to Auto Collision Repair & Refinish Technician Instructor Terry Taylor.