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Summer Grads End One Journey and Begin Another

Over 100 students are now proud to say they are Chippewa Valley Technical College alumni. CVTC’s summer graduation was held on Thursday, July 28, at Memorial High School, and many of the speakers talked about how the choices they made in life got them to where they are now. 
Kristina Churchill, the student speaker and a Radiography graduate, emphasized to students to do what you love and love what you do. “Being successful doesn’t mean becoming CEO of a company or making millions of dollars. Success to me means doing what you love.” She shared that she is so thankful to have found her calling in radiography and thankful to CVTC for giving her the education to start a career in a medical field.
Paul Billmeyer, a faculty member of CVTC’s Behavioral Science and Civic Effectiveness, talked about his 20+ years of being a probation officer. “I have uncovered the secret to success in life,” Paul told the graduates. “Keep in mind that many of the people I worked with were convicted felons.” But Paul told the group about how he worked with one gentleman, who had many advantages in life when it came to his education and work experience, but made some poor decisions, landing him in prison. “Life is not the result of advantages; it is the result of making good choices.”
Ken Vance, owner of Ken Vance Automotive, talked about how life is about making goals and how to make those goals a reality. “When you have a goal, I encourage you to share your goals and create a timetable.” He also told the graduates how envious he was of them. “As you are walking across the stage, your light will be turning bright green, as mine is slowly turning yellow. I only wish for your career to be filled with as much joy as mine has been.”
One of those students who has a bright future is Renee Blodgett, Radiography graduate from Wheaton. Blodgett decided to go back to school after all her children had, and she can’t wait to get into the working world. She’ll be busy working two jobs in her chosen career. “I did my internship at Sacred Heart and with all the hands-on experience I gained at CVTC, I’m ready for whatever my future might hold.”
By the end of the evening, graduates may have ended their journey at CVTC, but as President Bruce Barker said, “It’s time to write the next chapter in your life. Believe in yourself and you’ll go far.”

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