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CVTC Receives Workforce Training Grant

More workers will be able to get the training they need to land jobs available in the Chippewa Valley today, thanks to a workforce training grant awarded to Chippewa Valley Technical College.

The $739,138 grant dispersed over three years will allow the College to expand its Machine Tooling Technics program. Workers for the machine tool industry are currently in high demand, with many jobs going unfilled due to the lack of qualified applicants. The grant will help match workers’ needs for jobs with industry’s needs for trained workers.

The grant from the state Department of Workforce Development (DWD) is part of $14.9 million awarded to the Wisconsin Technical College System, to be divided among the system’s 16 colleges. Statewide, the program is called “Making the Future” and is designed to develop, expand and improve advanced manufacturing career pathways.

“This grant is an excellent example of the WTCS colleges working together to leverage new resources,” said Bruce Barker, president of Chippewa Valley Technical College. “Each college will be able focus the resources to best fit the needs of its specific region. At CVTC we work closely with our business and industry partners on determining the best strategy.”

“This is a jobs stimulus grant, for people who lost their jobs to get retrained and returned to work,” said CVTC Director of Planning, Research and Grants Margaret Dickens. “We made the case that if we could expand the Machine Tooling Technics program, we could train more people for the jobs in the industry.”

Among the major activities to be funded by the grant include expansion of the program by one section (12 students per year), addition of an advanced machining component and internship option, and purchase of about $100,000 in equipment.

The DWD grant represents Wisconsin’s use of federal grants awarded through the U.S. Department of Labor as part of the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training grants.

“These awards demonstrate federal recognition of Wisconsin’s leadership in successfully using innovative methods to improve the availability and quality of Wisconsin’s skilled workforce,” said
Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) Vice President for Teaching and Learning Kathleen
Cullen. “By focusing on training Wisconsin workers for advanced manufacturing, we continue the long
WTCS tradition as a major contributor to the growth of Wisconsin’s business climate.”