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Xenia Fire Division Hosted Intern From Wisconsin

‚ÄčIn 2008 Ms. Marquardt attended Winona State University in Minnesota for a Biology degree but had always been interested in paramedic theory. So in June 2010, she started the Paramedic program at Chippewa Valley Technical College in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

You're probably wondering how she ended up in Xenia, Ohio. Interestingly enough, her instructor's best friend, Dr. Jason Pickett, is an ER doctor at Miami Valley Hospital and teaches at Wright State University and runs a cadaver anatomy and physiology lab every year. Ironically, Dr. Jason Pickett is also a co-medical direct for the Xenia Fire Division. Ms. Marquardt and a few of her classmates were invited to the cadaver lab in December 2010. She also spent time in the ER and rode with Xenia Fire Division (XFD) personnel. "I was very impressed with their EMS systems," said Ms. Marquardt. XFD was the first department in Ohio to implement continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), which is now a standard of care on almost all departments. They were the second department in the United States to alert a cardiac catheterization lab in the event of a heart attack, known now as a Cardiac Alert. Also, XFD was the first in their region to use hypothermic treatment for return of spontaneous circulation in post cardiac arrest patients. "I decided that if I had the opportunity to come back I would," said Ms. Marquardt. So, after a little planning and a few phone calls, she started an 11-hour trip to Xenia, Ohio.

Ms. Marquardt's time at XFD included a three-week stay that concluded on April 18. However, during her stay, she yielded ten 24-hour shifts and an all hands on advanced life support internship. "I could have gone anywhere in Wisconsin for my internship. Our program also has clinical agreements in Minnesota, Colorado, Washington, North Carolina, and Illinois. I chose XFD because they are like a big family. They are very involved in their community and take pride in what they do. The paramedics are constantly training and work closely with Dr. Jason Pickett and Dr. Roger Pacholka. They are an aggressive department in EMS and love to teach. Everyone has been very supportive of me during my internship. They involve me as a part of their team and encourage me to be the best paramedic I can be. I never thought I would be in Ohio for my internship, but if I had to do it all over again, i would choose XFD in a heartbeat," said Ms. Marquardt.

Reprinted from the City of Xenia Press Release