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The Yost Knot Can Make All the Difference

Criminal Justice instructor Layne Yost recently held his 8th annual necktie tying class, part of what Yost calls personal improvement mentoring.

Fifteen students participated in this year's class, some of whom had no previous necktie tying experience. Although the class is geared toward the second-year students, who soon may be out on job interviews wanting to make a good first impression, there's a mix of gender and classes.

The class was truly a group effort. Students would often stand in a circle, either trying to learn from one another or just watching to see if students were able to get their ties tied.

"I wanted to come to perfect my technique,” says Ross Spores, who was actually on his way to an interview that afternoon.

“Can I get back-up?” asked Mike Sinclair as he was struggling on one of the steps of getting his tie tied. Mike is a Criminal Justice student graduating in May who has already applied to ten different departments and waiting to hear back.

“If they walk into an interview looking professional, that is just one way to give them an edge during the interview process,” commented Layne Yost.


See the interview on WEAU, TV13.