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The Pumping Systems Maintenance certificate is offered in our Industrial Mechanics open lab.

Lab Hours:
Monday - Thursday 5-10pm

To determine how many hours you'll need to complete a course simply take the number of credits the course has and double to get the hours required to attend.

For example, a 2 credit course will require at least 4 hours per week.

The lab is staffed by our Industrial Mechanics Instructor and programmed instruction guides you through the learning process.

Pumping Systems Maintenance

Pumping Systems Maintenance

  • Technical Certificate
  • Certificate Code: TC-462-2
  • Not eligible for Financial Aid
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Centrifugal pumps are the movers of most processes. Understanding how pumps work, what it takes to install and maintain pumps is essential in maintenance. Training includes driveline components (belts, chain, gears, bearings) as well as basic and precision shaft alignment techniques. Developing communication skills and team skills and working with industrial print reading. Learners will also explore what are the steps and processes of preventative maintenance.

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Minimum Program Credits Required - 11
Admissions Requirements

Certificate Application

Complete the Certificate Program Identification form . Once you have fulfilled all the course requirements for your certificate, submit the Certificate Completion Form located on the same page.

Please Note: Being accepted as a certificate student doesn’t mean you are admitted into a program.

Estimated Costs


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