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Motorcycle, Marine & Outdoor Power Products Technician

Gainful Employment

The Department of Education passed an initiative designed to protect students from taking on unsustainable debt in order to pay for their education (view more information). CVTC has collected a series of figures below to help educate students and comply with Federal regulations.

For privacy reasons, completion rates and debt amounts are not displayed for programs that have less than 10 graduates.

Total Program Costs

The Estimated Cost tab in the Program Catalog gives a detail of the program cost.

Number of Graduates

The number of graduates in the previous award year:


Graduation Rates

Please note that both of the graduation rates listed below include part-time students.          

On-Time Rate:


The rate above shows the percentage of students who graduated from the program within the published program length. Keep in mind some students choose to complete their general education courses while waiting for core course availability.

Rate for students once they begin core courses:


Median Debt Amounts

Median cumulative debt incurred by students completing the program during the previous award year.

Federal Student Loans:


Private Educational Loans & Institutional Financing:


Job Placement Rate

View the Graduate Follow-Up Survey to see the percentage of students who received jobs after graduation.

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