Program Description

Picture yourself in a new career! Start in CVTC’s Radiography program and earn your associate degree in two years. Radiography is one of the fastest growing areas of healthcare, and a career in radiologic technology offers a promising future, job stability, and a good salary.

Radiologic technologists work closely with radiologists, the physicians who interpret medical images to either diagnose or rule out disease/injury. For the images to be interpreted correctly by the radiologist, the imaging examinations must be performed properly and competently by an imaging expert, the radiographer.

As a radiologic technologist, you will:

  • Produce images that aid in the diagnosis of diseases.
  • Prepare patients for exams and position them for the radiograph.
  • Communicate information in order to ensure accurate results of the radiograph.
  • Demonstrate professional standards and behaviors while interacting with patients.

In the program, you will gain the following skills:

  • Effective communication skills
  • Ethical standards and values
  • Radiographer functionality
  • Selecting technical factors on a control panel
  • Processing film and producing digital images
  • Preparing patient for exams
  • Applying radiation safety measures

At CVTC you will be able to experience this career first hand through classroom, laboratory, and clinical experiences.

Just the Facts

70 Credit Associate Degree

Length of Program:
Two Years

Delivery Method:
Face to Face

Program Location:
Eau Claire

Start Dates:

Financial Aid Eligible: Yes

Program Outcomes

Non-Traditional Occupation

Accreditation Information

Bloodborne Pathogens
Students in this program should be aware of the risks associated with bloodborne pathogens. Learn more.

Estimated Program Cost

Total Tuition, Fees & Books: $11,700

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How To Enroll

Enrolling at CVTC is easy! You will need to complete an online application and entrance requirements. If you are ready to apply now, click here.

Get more detailed information and specific program requirements.

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Get a Job

100% of our Radiography graduates get a job in the industry.

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Make More Money

Our recent Radiography graduates reported an average starting salary of $41,856.

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Degrees in Demand

The U.S. Department of Labor projects 80% of the jobs created in the next decade will require education beyond high school.


These are a few of the courses you will take in the Radiography program. For more detailed course info click here.

  • Radiographic Procedures 1
    Prepares radiography students to perform routine radiologic procedures on various parts of the body including the chest, abdomen, upper extremities, and lower extremities.
  • Radiographic Imaging 1
    Introduces radiography students to the process and components of analog imaging. Students determine the factors that affect image quality including contrast, density, detail, and distortion.
  • Imaging Equipment Operation
    Students analyze how x-rays are produced and determine the corrective actions necessary for common equipment malfunctions.

Transfer Credits

Once you’ve completed your associate degree at CVTC, if you are interested in pursuing further education, we have agreements with several institutions. To view a list of CVTC’s transfer agreements, click here.


  • CT Technologist
  • Radiologic Technologist

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