Agricultural Career Pathway Online

Dual Credit High School Academy

​CVTC is offering high school students the option to explore a variety of agriculture courses that may not be available at your high school.  Students interested in learning the fundamentals of animal science, plant science, soil management, and agriculture business are encouraged to apply. Students will earn both high school and college credit and learn about a variety of career pathways within agriculture.

When: September 7 - May 19, 2022

Course TitleCourse Time
Introduction to Soils
3 credits

Dates: September 7 - December 20, 2021
Times: Online

Intro to Animal Science

2 credits

​​Dates:  September 7 - December 20, 2021
Times: Online

Intro to Horticulture

2 credits

Dates: January 24 - May 19, 2022 
Times: Online
Introduction to Agronomy
2 credits
Dates: January 24 - May 19, 2022 
Times: Online

Course Description

Introductory Soils 093-116 (3 credits) 

Provides fundamental knowledge of soils and growth media. Course topics include soil formation and development, soil components, soil profile, soil classification, and soil conservation. CVTC will provide an emphasis in conservation/natural resources for those students interested in wildlife management 

Intro to Animal Science 091-181 (2 credits)

​This course provides fundamental knowledge of the animal science field. Topics include animal health, animal environments, anatomy and physiology, genetics and reproduction, animal feedstuffs, and job-related safety. 

Intro to Horticulture 001-121 (2 credits)

Provides fundamental knowledge of plants including trees, fruits, vegetables, shrubs and grass.  Students will learn about plant science which includes cells, plant classification, structures and propagation. A variety of careers will be explored including those in the landscape, plant and turf industry. Would serve as a substitute for 093-128 Plant Science course in the Agronomy Management program or count toward the Landscape Plant & Turf Management program.

Introduction to Agronomy 093-110 (2 credits)

This class provides a fundamental introduction to the agronomy careers and opportunities. Through industry and job discovery students will learn the vast job opportunities that are in the agronomy sector of agriculture.  Students will also discover the day to day operations of agronomy business and agricultural business structures and how they run as well as agriculture marketing which includes grain marketing, business marketing, and basic agricultural marketing strategies.  

Just the Facts

Fall 2021
9 Credit High School Academy

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September 7 - May 19, 2022High School Academies follow all scheduled CVTC breaks.

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