Welding Pre- Apprenticeship

Dual Credit High School Academy

​CVTC is offering high school students who are interested in pursuing a career in Welding an opportunity to earn high school and college credit. The Welding Pre- Apprenticeship consists of (2) one credit courses in the CVTC welding program. The Welding Safety and Orientation allows students the opportunity to learn about safe practices in a manufacturing environment along with the opportunity to earn a OSHA 10 certification. The Basic GMAW Flat Position course provides hands on welding experience relevant to industry in the region. Both courses transfer into the CVTC welding program. There will also be career development opportunities, industry speakers and industry tours when appropriate.

When: TBD

​Course Title:​Course Time:
Welding Safety & Orientation
1 credit
​Dates: TBD 
Time: TBD
​Basic GMAW Flat Position
1 credit
​Dates: TBD
Time: TBD

Course Description

Welding Safety and Orientation 442-310 (1 credit​)
Introduces welding safety and standard operating procedures on equipment commonly used in welding labs/shops and on tools received in student's toolbox. Students will be able to receive an OSHA 10 safety certificate.

Basic GMAW Flat Position 442-355 (1 credit)
Introduction to Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW, wire-feed welding, MIG).  Develop skills with solid wire GMAW short-circuit transfer in various positions and joint designs in the flat position.

Just the Facts

Summer 2022
2 Credit High School Academy

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